About Us

Rubicon Consolidated, LLC is proud to present Village Beans Coffee and Tea.

When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in 49 B.C. and precipitated the Great Roman Civil War, his army was able to wade across the shallow river--they didn't need a bridge. At Rubicon Consolidated, LLC, we believe in the importance of the bridge's function as an instrument that transports people to new places. Yet our passion doesn't end with connecting people and places. Similar to Caesar crossing the Rubicon, which ultimately ushered in the rise of the Imperial era of Rome, Rubicon Consolidated works with entrepreneurs in locations across the globe.

In 2017 the catalyst for Rubicon Consolidated arrived in the form of a high school age exchange student from Vietnam that one of our founding partners is hosting. The family knew that hosting this girl could be as much a life-changing experience for them as it was for the visiting student. As the school year progressed and they came to know this child and her family back in Vietnam, they came to consciously realize something that was already known at a deeper level: everyone on this planet is looking for a bond to the local and worldwide community. They learned that the exchange student's family operated a coffee farm in Vietnam and wanted to help them become successful; the first "connection" was formed. That linkage led to another, and we now exist as a group whose goal is to facilitate kinship and vocational success in regions near and far.

We hope Village Beans Coffee and Tea is the first of many successful endeavors Rubicon Consolidated launches that can bring people together from all over the world.